Roosters Wing Review

So, Roosters is a pretty popular casual bar chain in and around Ohio.  Practically synonymous with the Columbus area, Roosters is part of the wing-eating fabric of Ohio.

I've visited Roosters a few times in the past and this time I decided to put a small taste test together.

You see, Roosters wings are "lightly breaded." I know....tragic, right??? Or, maybe not.

But you can also order them without the breading!  I ordered five wings with breading and five wings without.  One I chose Medium buffalo and one with Hot Buffalo.

I must say....I was impressed with BOTH versions.  The wings in both orders are very very large!  The flappers remain unsplit, meaning the wingtip is still attached.  These wings are so large that even the wingtips offered up enough crispy skin and meat to warrant a few nibbles.  I feel like the breading is perhaps a cornflake crunch or maybe a Panko style(?) It does add a very slight taste along with the texture.

The wings themselves, as I said, were very big.  But also very high quality. No yucky gristle.  Fried perfectly.  And the meats pulls easily and cleanly from the bone.  Cant ask for more.

Unbreaded - Hot
The sauces are both very good, traditional buffalo sauces. And offered appropriate amounts of heat for their respective names.  Obviously, the base of both sauces is a Frank's style sauce. Great mouth feel.  And there is a large array of choices for those that don't like the buffalo style.  The Hot was a liiiittle bit thin...and didn't really coat/cling to the unbreaded wings so well.  The Medium was mostly likely the Hot mixed with something to cut heat but also added a slightly thicker texture.  I preferred the thickness of the medium with the heat of the hot.

Breaded - Medium
Here's the best news of all.  Each and every one of my wings...whether breaded or unbreaded...remained crispy till the very last bite!  Absolutely surprised me.  The crispy skins stayed crispy despite the hot sauce soaking in.  And the breaded ones still had the crispy crunch that kinda melts in your mouth in a second or two. 
I cant wait to go back and try some other sauce/breading combos.  

I have to say of all the "chains" I've visited that inherently specialize in wings (Buffalo Wild Wings, Quaker Steak and Lube, etc) ...Rooter's is perhaps the best represented.

WINGS – 8.5/10 
SAUCES – 8.5/10
VALUE – 8.5/10
XFACTOR + (expansive menu, Tuesday Appetizer Special YUM!)
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