The Cold Spot

4005 West Washington Street
Charleston, West Virginia 25301
Phone: (304) 343-9464

The Cold Spot has three locations throughout West Virginia and on a recent trip I stopped into the Charleston, WV Cold Spot with a few friends.  It wasn’t their first time.  In fact, I’m pretty sure they made it a point to take me out for some wings during my visit.  Thanks guys.  Bonus:  they got me to there on Tuesday Wing Night.

I have to say that The Cold Spot is one of those places that really pushes their wings.  Their website boast such phrases as, “It’s a Wing Thing” and “Specializing In Wings & Chicken Tenders” and “Our Wings & Tenders Are Fresh!  Never Pre-Cooked & Never Frozen!”  So, it’s pretty obvious that they’re very proud of the product.  Just makes me all the more excited to try ‘em out!

My first impression was that The Cold Spot was having a wing night and the wings were only 30 cents each!  I couldn’t believe it.  In a time where 50 cents is becoming all too common, 45 cents is the norm, 40 cents is a bargain and 25 cents has completely gone the way of the dodo, The Cold Spot is hangin’ in there with 30 cent wings!  What a deal.

Order at the counter.

The sauce selection was quite large, as I believe I counted 11 different sauces to choose from.  With 5 of those making up the traditional buffalo levels of heat!  Mild, Medium, Hot, Wild and Toxic.  I went for the Wild, the-next-to-hottest-available-sauce, (as I usually do).   It was supposed to “leave me sweating” according to a paper menu.  It was hot.  But I wasn’t sweating.  It did have a little kick and tingle, but next time, I’ll try Toxic, the hottest on the menu.  Also, garlic flavoring could be added to any sauce of your choice.
The wings were appropriately crispy.  And they seemed to be authentically prepared with no breading or batter, and deep fried.  They were coated well with just the right amount of sauce even if the sauce wasn't quite as thick as I'd like it.  Still, they were well covered and not drowning.
So, what’s the catch?  Well, there’s a reason the Cold Spot is still able to hang on to good old fashioned 2001 pricing.  I shoulda known something was up when my friend who’s familiar with The Cold Spot ordered 25 wings!  

I just thought, “Wow.  For such a skinny girl she’s got quite an appetite!  I wonder if she’s gonna share? ” 

12 Wild and a side of fries
Well, she did share one, just so I could taste the Sweet BBQ sauce, but the remaining 24 wings posed no challenge to her at all.  What I’m trying to say is…the wings are small!  Small…not puny, but not middle of the road either.  I killed my order of 12 Wild very quickly but was satisfied by the good Wild sauce, the crispy skin, and the side of fries with just enough extra sauce at the bottom to use for dipping.

If you’re planning a first time visit, keep this in mind, you order wings, food, and soft drinks at a counter.  The server remembers what you look like and delivers your order to your table.  Alcohol and beer are ordered separately at the bar.  Also, extras like bleu cheese, ranch or celery are not standard with an order of wings.

Bottom line?  The Cold Spot should be proud of their wings.  They’re not in the class of elite wingeries, but they taste good, they’re prepared properly and they’re a pretty good bargain especially on Tuesday Wing Night.  Definitely recommend!

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  1. Bill Smeedy11:05 PM

    From the Cold Spot proprietor: I'll take your 7.5 rating. Appreciate all the compliments. About the size... It's not for the purpose of pricing, although we do thoroughly enjoy being the only joint around to be able to offer 30 cent wings. The wings are carefully selected to offer the best fresh never frozen experience, with the most succulent and juiciest wings. That's why your friend brought you here, and that- is priceless. And, FYI, we just won the Best in the Valley for best wings 2011 Kanawha County(again). Look us up again next time you are in town, and bring your cool friends.

  2. Krista11:10 PM

    You should visit the Cold Spot on Wednesdays. That's when they rock with 30 cent boneless wings which are approx 1-1 1/4 oz each. They are available in all flavors and can either be lightly battered crispy or grilled (my favorite). I also love the traditional bone in wings, they are the best!

  3. It's good to hear from you guys. Thanks for the comments.

    @Bill. It's always great to find folks that take their product, especially their wings, so seriously. I wish everyone out there had as much pride in their wings as you guys! Keep it up!

    @Krista. Thanks for the recommendation, but I only enjoy...and we only review bone-in wings. No boneless for me! :)

  4. The Cold Spot deserved all the kudos you gave. Truly some of the best wings in the valley! Only thing you rated I question in any way was the sauce. You counted 11 and only tried one (okay, two, including the wing your friend shared with you)? My friend, you shorted yourself by not sampling the Agent Orange sauce! It's like third or forth hottest they offer, but IMHO the most tasty. In my experience trying and tasting wings up and down the east coast, I realize it's not about whose sauce is the hottest, rather how hot they can get them and still taste GOOD. Heat is easy to add, flavoring takes a special touch.

    1. Ricky, I 100% agree with you. It's not just about how hot the sauce is. It is just as you hot can you get it and still have it taste delicious? I'm not one of the those macho chili-heads that likes eating the hot stuff just for bragging rights. (Quaker Steak Atomic/Triple Atomic....what's the point? it's disgusting) That said...I do enjoy my wings hotter than the average person. I like to sweat a little bit. That capsaicin rush feels good. Next time...I'll try a few of the Agent Orange, per your suggestion. Thanks!

  5. I visted the cold spot recently whlie on a business trip. these wre the best wings I've ever has, fresh, crispy, tasty. the owner Bill was in that night. What a nice guy, he stopped over to introduce himself and check on us. He offered a warm and genuine welcome. I can see wy these wings are considered the best in the region. A must stop!