2011 Wing Ding Wrap Up and Reviews!

The 8th Annual Wing Ding is in the books.  Twelve different restaurants and vendors from the Ohio Valley donated their time, hard work and wings.  There was lots of variety...so everyone was sure to find a favorite.

Fried or grilled?  Hot or mild?  Greek Feta or Strawberry BBQ?  Like I said...there was something for everyone.  

It's a long post.  Enjoy!

My notes (in no particular order)

Every person at the WING DING gets to cast one vote for "The People's Choice" Award. I think I had about 21 wings from 12 different vendors. When the fingers were licked...there was one particular standout for me.

Ye Olde Alpha serving
I cast my "People's Choice" vote for YE OLDE ALPHA. They had my ideal wing. No breading. Deep fried. A truly hot "hot" sauce. The wing was meaty, juicy and crispy. The triple threat!  My second year in a row choosing YE OLDE ALPHA.

Chicken Trophy!
My personal Honorable Mentions go to:
The Island Grille for their ZESTY RANCH
Hank's Place for their SWEET N SASSY
Wild Wild West for both BOURSIN and STRAWBERRY BBQ
River City for their 7-PEPPERS
and Wesbanco Arena for their MILD

OFFICIAL WINNERS as chosen by a panel of judges:
"Charcoal Champions" (best grilled?) - Wild Wild West
"Best Presentation" - The Island Grille
"Best Side Dish" - #1 River City Artichoke Dip - #2 Wesbanco Arena Fried Pickles
"Best Garlic Wings" - Pizza Hut Wing Street
"Sweetest Wings" - Hank's Place
"Best Boneless" - Domino's
"Best Legal Sauce" (made with alcohol) - BW3s Capt Morgan
"Meatiest Wings" - Armstrong Catering
#3 OVERALL Judge's Choice - Ye Olde Alpha
#2 OVERALL Judge's Choice - Indigo Joe's
#1 OVERALL Judge's Choice- Tailgators (for at least the third year in a row) 
PEOPLE'S CHOICE WINNER - Ye Olde Alpha! (dethrones Tailgators as People's Choice)

Wing Eating  Contest
Finally, thoughts for future WING DINGS.  I'd like to see every vendor bring their version of "hot" to future events.  The fancy flavors are good and creative...and often delicious...but I really want to taste every version of HOT that I can!  Even though the WING DING doesn't need it, I'd like to see a few more vendors volunteer their time and wings.  Competition only makes everyone better. 

Generations, Drover's, Undo's Sports Bar, TJ's, Uncle Pete's, Owl's Nest, West Texas Roadhouse..."where you at!?"  Quaker Steak and Lube!  Hello?! C'mon man!

What do you think?

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