Generations Restaurant & Pub

338 National Road
Wheeling, WV 26003
Generations has been a staple of Wheeling, WV for a loooong time. At least it seems that way. I’ve had their wings before.  But it’s been a while…and I have to admit, I don’t ever remember them being as good as they were tonight. 
Wednesday nights at Generations is Wing and Perogie night.  You read it right.  Wings.  And Perogies.  As if the Wing Night special wasn’t enough…I have  to admit, the perogie addition was quite an attractive bonus.  Both wings and perogies are 40 cents each.  Sounds good! 
So, I’m here to tell you about the wings.  Like I said already…they’re much better than I remember them.  And to put it simply…I can highly recommend Generations for a good wing night.
It’s “Wing Night” on Wednesdays…so the value is practically a built in guarantee.  But what’s not a guarantee is the quality.  Generations delivers.  The wings were medium to large in size.  I ordered 12 and none of them were what I would consider to be small.  The ones on the medium end weren’t particularly meaty…but they easily made up for that shortfall in crispiness and juiciness.  The insides were steamy and juicy.  The larger ones were everything you could ask for; crispy, meaty, juicy.  The outsides were especially crispy.  Actually, some of the crispiest wings I’ve had in a while.  Crispy can mean “overdone” or “cooked too long.”  But not in this case.  I said they were still juicy, and I meant it. 
There are a few drawbacks, however.  And they mostly revolve around the sauce.  First, there wasn’t enough sauce on the wings.  About halfway through my order I remedied that by asking for a small cup of sauce to add to the wings still left on my plate.  Secondly, the selection of sauces includes only two levels of heat for buffalo style sauces.  While there are nine delicious sounding choices like Buffalo Bleu, Chili Ranch and Scampi (what’s that?!) only “Hot” and “Mild” are offered in the realm of traditional buffalo style hot sauces.  I ordered the hot…and unfortunately it plays much more like a mild…or a very weak medium.  Either way, it certainly wasn’t hot.  In a perfect world they would add at least two more levels of heat to their lineup of sauces.  Or at the very least crank up the “hot” to something that has some kick!
From the menu:  Sauce Selection and regular prices
The sauce had great buttery flavor even if it barely brought the heat.  There was a slight greasy feeling in my mouth as I finished each wing.  But to be brutally honest, that added to the enjoyment.
Bottom Line?  I ate my 12 wings up with a smile on my face.  Generations wings are quite good.   And I can certainly recommend the Wednesday Night Wing Night.  The perogies were a great idea.  Kudos to whoever thought up this wicked combination!
WINGS – 8/10
SAUCE – 7/10 (unfortunately no heat…but oh so buttery!)
VALUE – 8/10
XFACTOR + (Wing Night and perogies to boot!)


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  1. Generations has been around for, well, generations. I hope they have restaurant insurance, because they can use all the protection they can get their hands on.

    1. Hmmm? You must know more than we do.