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Saint Clairsville
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The KFC Sauceless Hot Wings commercials have been relentless as of late.  They first came on and I scoffed.  Out loud.  But after seeing them over and over….and over…while watching the NFL playoffs, I decided to give in and try the “New” KFC Sauceless Hot Wings.  YUM! Brands…your unrelenting advertising got the best of me.

Surprisingly, after so many TV commercials telling me to try these things, there wasn’t even one sign, sticker or window cling on the place that said anything about Sauceless Hot Wings…or 50 cent deals.  Nothing on the menu board either.  Good thing they bought that air time, huh?  Otherwise no one would know about the wing deal.  Also, the drive thru line was long.  And slow.  Maybe everyone else had enough and finally gave into the advertising at the exact same moment as me.  More likely is that a slightly incompetent employee…or a customer with a chip on their shoulder slowed down the process about 5 cars ahead of me.  But with only an NFC Divisional Playoff game waiting for me at home, I was patient enough to wait without getting uptight.  My patience paid off though.  As I exchanged my money for the wings the guy behind the glass told me that the wings were fresh and superhot, “right outta the grease.”

Forget all that.  Let’s talk about the wings.  I expected a popcorn chicken style breading and/or fritter style batter with spices mixed in.  Watching the commercials I could practically taste them.  I knew the cayenne pepper seasoning would tingle on the lips and throat.  I knew the wings would be more crunchy than crispy.  And, even though they’re not prepared anything like a traditional wing, I knew I was gonna like ‘em.

Well, I was right on. 

The spicy, crunchy batter on the outside gives way to a steaming hot, moist and juicy inside.  Many fast food wings or pizza joint wings end up too fatty.  Almost gelatinous. (see Dominos)  There’s none of that gross fat on these wings. 

The wings are on the small side.  With the thick crunchy outside, they get pushed up towards medium sized.  But the tender meat inside pulls off the bone with ease.  The result is pile of flappers and drums cleaned all the way to bone. 
I would like the spiciness to be brought up about notch or two.  There is a twinge of heat…but not much more. In fact, they barely register.They're spicy. But it's not really fair to call 'em "hot."

At 50 cents a wing…these are a relatively good value.  Anything more than 50 cents though would be too much.  So, get ‘em while they’re ala carte.  Paired up in some 6 or 7 dollar value meal…the value would probably plummet. 

Bottom Line:  These wings are pretty good.  It’s just that simple.  I know, they’re not traditional at all.  Battered with no sauce?!  Yeah.  But I can’t help it.  They’re good.  At 50 cents a wing (as of this writing)  they’re also a good deal.  So head out and get ‘em while they’re still cheap…and while they’re still available.  I’m pretty sure the “for a limited time” doesn’t just refer to the price.

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  1. Anonymous6:07 PM

    how can buy them

  2. Anonymous1:33 PM

    I really liked these when I tried them last. KFC needs to make these a regular menu item I'd buy them a lot

  3. Anonymous2:09 AM

    The KFC hot wings up here in PA are the size of sparrow wings, and they spend a good 8 hours drying out by suppertime. Whatta rip-off.

  4. Anonymous4:43 PM

    I make sure to get their awesome KFC hot sauce with these and put that on them.

  5. Anonymous10:33 AM

    hot wings are the only good kfc stuff the normal chincken is soggy and wet the wraps and burgurs are some times googd but...

  6. Anonymous7:36 PM

    My wife and I are going to try the wings tonight. Updates to follow if they are any good or not.

  7. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Most of The KFC's in Rochester NY do not serve the Hot Wings...not sure why? Very Frustrating, they have the signs up but don't offer the wings at all.