Drover's Inn

Drover's Inn
1001 Washington Pike
Wellsburg, West Virginia 26070
(304) 737-0188

Drover’s Inn.  Ah, Drover’s.  Quite a reputation around the area to say the least.  Their slogan sums that up.  “If you haven’t tried our wings then you don’t know what you’ve been missing.”  So, how do they rate under review?

Well, the wings themselves were about as close to perfect as you can get.  They are consistently large and crispy.  This time was no exception.  I ordered a large order which is a measured 2 lbs.  You may get anywhere from 14-18 wings in a large order.  A small order is a measured 1 lb., which ends up at about 7-9 “jumbo” sized wings.  The menu says “jumbo” wings and Drover’s certainly backs up that claim.  The wings were large.  They were perfectly crispy on the outside while still retaining the juicy goodness on the inside.  They also served a nice mixture of wings and drums.   Whatever they’re doing…they’re doing it right.  Even the wings at the bottom of the pile were crispy after sitting in the extra sauce.

Basement Tavern
What about the sauce?  Well, the menu lists a small selection of sauces, but it’s more than adequate for my tastes and my review. Mild, Medium, Hot, Suicidal, Atomic, Hurt-Me, Honey BBQ, Buffalo Garlic, and Sweet & Hot Oriental are all available.  That’s my kinda list.  6 levels of heat offered from the standard hot sauce line-up.  And 3 more choices for those who like something other than buffalo style sauces.  You can also get “Cajun” flavoring added to any sauce.  For this trip, I tried the next-to-the-hottest, ATOMIC.  This sauce has great buffalo flavor and really brings the heat at the same time.  It could have been a shade hotter for my tastes, so maybe next time…HURT ME.  But again…the flavor is not lost or sacrificed to the heat.  And the sauce is very unique.  I’m pretty sure the sauce must be homemade from scratch.  I can’t seem to narrow it down to a base sauce.  Is it Frank’s Red Hot? Nope.  Is it Tabasco?  Not at all.  Like I said, very unique.

Main Floor Dining Room
For the price you can’t go wrong.  The small order is only $5.75 and a larger order is $9.99.  The option to add celery and your choice of dressing is available, unfortunately at an additional charge (ranch or bleu cheese).  As a side, I recommend the Hot Pepper Cheese balls.  I hear that the seasoned fries are very popular.  There are many other choices available from the deep fryer! To my knowledge they don’t have a “wing night” or any promotional specials along those lines.  But they don’t need to.

Let me sum up my review by saying…“If you haven’t tried Drover’s wings then you don’t know what you’ve been missing.”  The slogan is true…which you have to appreciate nowadays.  Drover’s is living up to their promise.  If you haven’t tried their wings…you must.  And if you have already tried Drover’s wings…then you don’t need me to tell you how great they are, do you?

Bottom line?  Go. Go now!  Get some wings! I don’t know if it gets much better than this.  Authentic, HUGE, bone-in, no breading, deep fried, crispy from start to finish.

WINGS – 9/10 
SAUCE – 9/10
VALUE – 8.5/10
XFACTOR ++ (atmosphere, delicious sides and desserts)
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  1. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Drover's is where I discovered "Buffalo wings". 15 years later, I still seek out wings everywhere I go, and have yet to find a place that makes them better than Drover's. I make wings at home all the time, in an attempt to recreate their wings. I have yet to get close. There is something in that sauce that I can't duplicate. Their wings are my benchmark. If you're anywhere near Wellsburg, WV, do yourself a favor and go to Drover's. My order for 15 years has been.... Large order of "Hot" wings, seasoned fries, and a side of "Hot" sauce for dipping fries, wings, and fingers. (I'm salivating while typing this... soooooooo good!)

  2. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Best wings bar none from Maine to Florida. I eat wings everywhere and my family and I know Drovers is BEST

  3. Great comments! These comments are proving a point: Every wing fan needs to try Drovers!

  4. I'm happy to read all the positive comments. I have to add a minor correction, the wings come with celery and dressing but if you want additional celery or dressing then that is where the added charge comes in. I should know, I've been the head chef there for 20+ years. Enjoy!

  5. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Great Place

  6. Our Church has a Men's Ministry and for fun every 4th Saturday of every month we seek out the best wings in the area calling it our, "TE Men's Wing Night ". By far...way far, Drover's is our favorite. We bring from 18-25 men to every event and they are happy to accommodate us every time. We have tried every sauce from the Mild to the Hurt Me's, they never ever disappoint...ever and the service is great! Many of us wish we could have our "TE Men's Wing Night " here every month.

  7. It is the great place to visit. It will be my next destination.