Wings To Go - The Highlands

The first time I tried Wings To Go was shortly after they first opened.  In anticipation, I  had researched their menu online at other Wings To Go locations. I was more than excited to try the new wings in town.  They are a national chain, after all.  They must be doing something right! Right? 

Well, no. 

To put it nicely, I was quite disappointed.  They didn’t do anything “wrong” necessarily…they just didn’t do anything very well either.  Nevertheless, I was rooting hard for them to make it as a business…I am a wing fanatic…but I’m also a fan of the Ohio Valley and I wish all business ventures could be successful ones. 

On my first visit, if I recall correctly, the wings were not crispy and the hot sauce I ordered offered nothing special at all.  I compared the wings to something someone would cook at home.  And if I can make better, crispier, tastier wings at home…then why am I paying more at a restaurant? 

First bad experience aside…I had to give Wings To Go another chance.  Cuz remember….I WANT to like ‘em!
On my second trip…everything was just as I remembered it.  The wings were big enough…that’s a plus.  But wing size alone does not a delicious wing make.  They still weren’t crispy.  Maybe they should turn up the temperature on the fryer? I dunno.  The meat wasn’t particularly juicy or steamy. And the meat was kinda hard to pull off the bone with your teeth….which was weird.  There are many (a dozen or more) flavors to choose from.  Including the old standbys like golden garlic, bbq and five heat levels of buffalo sauce.  I order the next to hottest offering, “Suicide.”  Again…like everything else….it wasn’t terrible…just very lacking of anything new or unique. 

Seasoned waffle fries as a side were good.  Nothing game-changing….but good.

With the big bad Quaker Steak and Lube right across the street…Wings To Go is going to have to do something to stand out.  They have a full line of other offerings that look and sound good. So maybe next time I’ll skip the wings and try something different. 

Bottom line?  The wings here beg the question, “Just because we CAN do a thing, does that mean that we SHOULD do a thing?”  In other words…sure, anyone can cook/fry mediocre wings…but not everyone does.  Thankfully.  To put it nicely again…I was quite disappointed.

WINGS - 4/10
SAUCE - 5/10
VALUE – 7/10
XFACTOR - (I really really wanted to like it!  nothing extraordinary.)

EDIT/UPDATE: As of late March or early April 2011...the Wings To Go Highlands location has closed.

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  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    To start with, I thought WTG had better tasting wings than QS. QS tastes like bar food, which isn't terrible....just not wings du jour.

    However, Wings To Go was supposed to have the location that "Big Bad Quaker Steak" has, and was pushed to the location they had. They were doomed from the start by the powers that be at the Highlands, and had little chance of improving anything when they were fighting to keep the doors open from the beginning.

  2. Why did they get moved to a different location?

  3. Anonymous9:40 AM

    "QS tastes like bar food."

    huh? of course. what do u mean?

    wings are bar food.