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Vocelli Pizza

165 W Main St

With a pretty good coupon burning a hole in my pocket I reluctantly decided to add an order of wings to my most recent request from Vocelli Pizza in St. Clairsville.   I say “reluctantly” because throughout my years of wing-eating, I’ve been let down again and again by take out, delivery and oven-baked wings.  I’ve discussed it before on this blog.  Takeout and delivery wings always end up a damp, soggy and lukewarm disappointment.  Plus these are oven-baked.  Sounds like a recipe for disaster.  Well, I can no longer say “always.”  Because this time I had a really good order of delivery wings. 

Domino's Pizza

105 Plaza Drive 
St. Clairsville, OH 43950
(740) 695-5500

Domino’s Pizza just recently put themselves through a major overhaul.  New pizza crust.  A new customer-friendly “tell us how we’re doing” approach. And, at least according to their website…new wings.  There aren’t a lot of details available on the new wings.  Straight from their online menu/ordering system, “Our new chicken wings are now tastier than ever.  Sauced with your choice of Hot, New Sweet Mango Habanero or BBQ Sauce.”

As you see, they make no other claims.  What about the crispiness? Are they breaded?  Oven baked?  Deep fried?  Let’s find out, shall we?