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105 Plaza Drive 
St. Clairsville, OH 43950
(740) 695-5500

Domino’s Pizza just recently put themselves through a major overhaul.  New pizza crust.  A new customer-friendly “tell us how we’re doing” approach. And, at least according to their website…new wings.  There aren’t a lot of details available on the new wings.  Straight from their online menu/ordering system, “Our new chicken wings are now tastier than ever.  Sauced with your choice of Hot, New Sweet Mango Habanero or BBQ Sauce.”

As you see, they make no other claims.  What about the crispiness? Are they breaded?  Oven baked?  Deep fried?  Let’s find out, shall we?

Let’s start out with the problem.  Maybe that seems pessimistic…but I’m actually just being realistic.  There is an inherent problem with ordering wings “to go” or for delivery.  The wings have to go for a car ride before you get to chow down.  During that car ride the wings are left to sit in what essentially amounts to a steam and sauce sauna.  They’re crammed in to Styrofoam containers or foil lined boxes for almost a half an hour.  Where they give off steam that has nowhere to go…so it just lands and condenses on the very wings that are supposed to stay crispy!  This always makes for some sadly soggy wings.  That was actually one of my first thoughts when I heard about the Wings To Go franchise.  “Wings To Go,” I thought, “That’s a shame.”  Wings should be eaten as soon as possible following frying and saucing.  At the very least, I think we can all agree that no wings ever got better from being sealed inside a box and toted around for 20 minutes while the delivery driver tries to find your house.   Wings To Go had a cool bar/dining room so you could get you wings fryer fresh.  Domino’s….does not.

I ordered entirely online…which is pretty cool.  More on that later. 

Screen grab  -  online ordering
Orders of wings come in 8 pieces for $5.99, 14 pieces for $9.99 or 40 pieces for $24.99.  So, the more you buy, the more you “save”…I suppose.  The list of sauces is a short one:  BBQ, Hot, Sweet Mango Habanero, Mild, and Plain.  An 8 piece order of Hot, please.  Thanks.  You also get to choose an extra dipping sauce. Bleu, ranch, bbq again, sweet habanero again or kicker sauce.  I chose kicker sauce…cuz the way I figure…you can never have enough buffalo dipping options around the house at any given time.  

The wings are served up wrapped in foil and then placed in a small box.  So, yeah.  A steam bath.  They were pretty soggy.  But they were definitely crispy once upon a time.  The wings were consistently medium in size and the meat pulled easy from the bone.  Unfortunately, they seemed really fatty.  The outside skin and a little meat…but in between a layer of fat.  Not very appetizing at all, especially when combined with the soggy outside.  The hot sauce was pretty tasty even if it was barely hot.

Bottom line?  There’s good and bad here.  Sauce good.  Soggy bad.  Fatty bad.  Size ok.  But the best was the online ordering.  I decided to order wings and I didn’t even have to get out of my seat until the doorbell rang.  Talk about convenient.  Super lazy!

WINGS - 4/10
SAUCE – 6/10
VALUE – 5/10
XFACTOR + (super-convenient online ordering, delivery, extra cup of sauce)
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  1. Anonymous9:42 AM

    I totally agree. About 15 years ago, I used to work for Domino's Pizza as a driver and rotational cook. Amazingly, the wings seem exactly the same today as they were back then. Personally, I love the flavor of their wings, but I can't stand the globs of mushy fat on them. If Domino's isn't going to do something about it, then they should lower their prices.

  2. Anonymous2:44 AM

    do they usea liquid smoke on them, they taste like they have mesquite or hickory flavor ? i try 2 cook them @ home,also do they use Franks buffalo hot sauce?, if u could tell how they cook their wings i'd appreciate it my thx again so much if u answer ,Tammy from Southaven, Ms have a nice day also my email is thx again , Tammy

    1. Anonymous12:43 PM

      Another barely functional adult. why are you talking about cooking wings at home on a review for Dominoes pizza wings? You do realize this is not a recipe right? This is not his instructions on how to make wings at home, this is his review of chicken wings he purchased at Dominos pizza. Why don't you try purchasing some then come back and make your comment? Wing Review I'm sorry you get these weird people replying man, you have my sympathies

    2. Thanks. They let anyone on the internet these days! Feel free to comment back with your results/reviews if you'd like.

    3. Anonymous6:11 PM

      Maybe Tammy was talking to the first person who replied to your posting who states that they worked for Domino's previously as a driver and rotational cook.

      So in that regard - the three people making fun of her are the idiots.

    4. If that were the case, she should have replied to that post. She's still an idiot for not knowing how to use a comment thread and you're an idiot for trying to support her.

    5. u all just spammed a wing review board with troll slanter lol get back to the topic about wings lol

    6. Hahaha dumbasses!

  3. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Tammy ain't too smart.

    1. Anonymous10:57 PM

      You just used ain't dude... And she's deffinately just asking the guy that used to work at dominos himself. Dumbasses.

    2. Anonymous10:11 AM

      Ain't has officially been a word for over a decade now, and you misspelled "definitely".

    3. The period goes in the quotation marks. If you want to be a spelling Nazi, don't be surprised when someone calls you out on your grammar.

    4. Anonymous3:28 PM

      Ain't might officially be a word, but it means "am not" so you essentially said "Tammy am not too smart." Neither are you.

    5. Anonymous11:58 AM

      Ain't can also mean "is not." Which is obviously what he was going for given the context. Learn how to derive meaning form words based on the rest of the sentence thats like 1st grade level stuff.

  4. A fan of chicken wings here, so I kind of notice easily how they are cooked. Overstaying in the oven after being cooked sometimes affect because the chicken wings have absorbed the oil already making it soggy in less than some time.

  5. Anonymous8:49 PM

    worst wings I've ever eaten. So bad that I googled "dominos wings review" and got I could see if others thought the same or if maybe I got a bad batch tonight. Dominos needs to stick to pizza...the wings taste like ass, soggy, fatty, wayyyyy to much sauce (they were swimming in some shitty sauce)...never again.

    1. Anonymous6:09 AM

      Ditto. Exact reason and how I ended up at this site.. I actually was so grossed out by the soggy slime I was worried about getting sick. Never again for me either. Same goes for the "Brooklyn Style" pizza crust. Soggy yeuck!. Wasted $30.00. Dominos needs to throw in the towel I'm thinking!

    2. Anonymous1:28 PM

      Yeah, same here. The wings were very soggy. I thought we were served 3-4 days old chicken. I also came across this site then when I googled. For next 4 to 5 hours, the smell of the chicken and sauce remained on my fingers and I almost there to vomit on Table. Really waste of money. I don't know who passed the recipe of this in Dominos R&D department. He really needs to hang. He seems to be a wild animal who liked such shitty taste.

  6. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Guess what? Even if you order the wings for pick-up, they're going to, "have to go for a car ride before you get to chow down." Unless you eat them on the way home. The drivers carry your food in a heated bag, unlike you would if you pick-up. Also, tip the drivers. The drivers get payed 4 something per hour, and they only get $1 out of the two dollar delivery charge. Oh, not to mention that they get taxed on their tips. Just an FYI. Sincerely, a Domino's CSR.

    1. Maybe they should get a better job.

    2. ShadyJ, you sound like an a-hole.

    3. Anonymous4:04 PM

      ShadyJ is the reason why people have their orders spat in.

    4. Angela11:01 AM

      It's a lot better than other chains. I have worked for a mom and pop joint that does not charge for delivery. Often times we were not tipped. You say 1$, that's a shit ton better than what I was thriving off of. Which, often times was just my flat rate pay!

  7. Anonymous8:30 PM


  8. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Absolutely most horrible wings I've ever eaten. Really wish I would have googled reviews before hand, would have got pizza instead. Definitely stick to pizza Dominos.

  9. Anonymous11:00 AM

    People do love them. I am a Domino's driver and we sell a bunch. They are the second most common item on the menu. Try asking for them twice baked, they are much better that way.

    And Yeah, TIP THE DRIVER! Regardless of what they bring, $3 is bare minimum. $5 is a good tip, and a $10 tip will have us racing to get there. We are paid $4/hour +$1 expense/delivery. We work for tips just like servers in a restaurant.

    1. Anonymous11:17 PM

      I'm glad you told me that -- I always tip at least $5.00 but I'm old and I was told I was overtipping. I didn't think so -- got in the habit of "doubling the tax" for a tip in NYC (which has higher tax but cost of living is higher). Thanks again. From these reviews think I'll stick to the pizza -- and I've had good salads too incidently. I was hoping for good wings, darn it all.

    2. Why should I be expected to tip you for doing your job. While I will tip if my order shows up in a timely manner, to expect it is asinine.

    3. Anonymous6:24 PM

      dude you've probably never worked in restaurant you entitled douche

    4. Shady is on point. I have two cook jobs so i know what a restaurant is like. People that rely on tips shouldnt bitch about bot getting tips. Its literally free money, and it was literally their choice to risk their income on tips. I have two jobs because i work by the hour to ensure a consistent income. And btw, servers only have to be nice. Cooks should get tips. Working 10 orders at once every ten minutes is something tip worthy

  10. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Domino's wings can be hit or miss. You are definitely going to get some fatty, not crisp wings for your money, but sometimes you get some that are not that bad. It seems like they used to be bigger but I haven't ordered them in a very long time so I can't really speak to that one way or the other.

    Out of the major pizza chains, I tended to order more wings from Domino's if that's saying anything

  11. Anonymous6:12 AM

    haters on here I work for dominos and for u all to say how bad the wings are are store sells a lot of them everyday so shut up

    1. WOW not only do the wings suck but it looks like one of the employees does also. Isn't this site for review? do you want people to lie so your feelings don't get hurt? Great way to lose customers.

    2. Anonymous1:04 AM

      Whatever. McDonald's sells more burgers than anywhere else, but that doesn't mean that they're burgers don't suck.

    3. Based on your own convoluted logic, Dominos wings also suck since they sell lots of them alongside MdD's selling lots of burgers.

  12. Anonymous1:30 AM

    great nice review agree with everything it seems they don't really want to focus much on wings

  13. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Get them without sauce, they are great.

  14. Anonymous7:37 PM

    They are great the next day right out of the fridge!

  15. Anonymous5:25 AM

    dominos are assholes

  16. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Dominos are not Assholes i think they are the best better than any other ones except papa john i never used them. i never had an issue with Dominos. Sorry

  17. Bill in Cincinnati11:41 PM

    Dominos bakes the wings and not long enough. I used to be General Manager for them and I liked the wings cooked three times thru the oven time of around 6 min. They were much crispier and tasted better that way. They just do not cook the pre fabricated wings long enough to give it the deep fried taste and the size variation was terrible. Sometimes big wings and sometime small. No consistency of product.

  18. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Thanks guys. I figured they might soggy so I googled and found this review. Will not be ordering.

  19. Personally I agree. They are way too soggy. Pizza hut actually has a better product with their wings. This is because they deep fry theirs. I like the sauce way better at dominos. I actually LOVE it. I prefer mild with blue cheese. Dominos ranch is terrible. I should ask them to cook mine more next time to see if that helps any. Thanks for the advice on that.

    1. I've worked at both Domino's and Pizza Hut. Domino's wings are precooked and not good quality chicken but the sauce is pretty decent. I'd prefer the hot to be hotter. Pizza hut deep fries their wings but they fry them from frozen from raw and they're sometimes really under cooked. Obviously, deep frying a raw wing and then saucing it in a stainless steel bowl is going to be a better tasting wing. Unfortunately, the sauce at Pizza hut is absolutely disgusting and tastes synthetic, the wings at Domino's are disgusting, and both make a pretty shitty fast food quality pie. Pizza hut hands down wins the gross factor for having frozen disc pizza crust and terrible sauce. Moral of the story is, if you want good wings, deep fry them fresh from the grocery store yourself and make your own sauce. If you want good pizza, don't go to a chain.

  20. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Am I the only one that misses their wing sauce from back in the day? Before they "reinvented" them.

    1. They used to have the best wings out of all the chains. They reinvented them because they wanted to save money. The same reason why they started making the boxes with half the paper and now your pizza gets crushed on the way to your house. It's all about the $!

  21. They just need to cook them longer with whatever method they use for cooking their wings before adding whatever sauce they use.

  22. Anonymous6:14 PM

    FYI. Wings are still soggy and very fatty. I ate 4 before they went in the garbage. The soggy could have been worked on with a trip to the oven but it wouldn't have changed the slurpy, disgusting, fat.

    Bad wings. Should have known better.

  23. Is the kicker hot sauce the same sauce as the one that comes on the wings alrdy?

  24. Anonymous12:43 AM

    My local Dominos I ordered wings one time from there, and it was soggy and the veins of the chicken still had blood inside. Not only was it a health hazard but I threw it away, pissed off. Just stick with pizza hut boneless wings now, its safer.

  25. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Very small wings, got them delivered. Were soggy and gross. Could barely eat them, but did since I paid for the 3 dollar delivery fee and a tip and wasn't even remotely full from 14 of them. Luckily they made me lose my appetite.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Maybe you should all fuck off

  28. Anonymous11:25 AM


  29. The wings at domino's actually used to be award winning. They changed their chicken supplier and then they decided to change their sauce supplier too. I used to manage a domino's pizza in the 00's and loved a 10 piece wing with their tangy BBQ sauce that of course, they phased out. They were crisp, large and meaty, no fat on them, and the sauces were so much better then! When I got the news they were changing the sauces, I was told by my supervisor to throw out the tangy red BBQ sauce and I took the remaining case home. I wish I still had that sauce!

  30. Anonymous12:00 AM

    woof! spicy thread.

    . . . Domino's wings notsomuch

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