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Domino’s Pizza just recently put themselves through a major overhaul.  New pizza crust.  A new customer-friendly “tell us how we’re doing” approach. And, at least according to their website…new wings.  There aren’t a lot of details available on the new wings.  Straight from their online menu/ordering system, “Our new chicken wings are now tastier than ever.  Sauced with your choice of Hot, New Sweet Mango Habanero or BBQ Sauce.”

As you see, they make no other claims.  What about the crispiness? Are they breaded?  Oven baked?  Deep fried?  Let’s find out, shall we?

Let’s start out with the problem.  Maybe that seems pessimistic…but I’m actually just being realistic.  There is an inherent problem with ordering wings “to go” or for delivery.  The wings have to go for a car ride before you get to chow down.  During that car ride the wings are left to sit in what essentially amounts to a steam and sauce sauna.  They’re crammed in to Styrofoam containers or foil lined boxes for almost a half an hour.  Where they give off steam that has nowhere to go…so it just lands and condenses on the very wings that are supposed to stay crispy!  This always makes for some sadly soggy wings.  That was actually one of my first thoughts when I heard about the Wings To Go franchise.  “Wings To Go,” I thought, “That’s a shame.”  Wings should be eaten as soon as possible following frying and saucing.  At the very least, I think we can all agree that no wings ever got better from being sealed inside a box and toted around for 20 minutes while the delivery driver tries to find your house.   Wings To Go had a cool bar/dining room so you could get you wings fryer fresh.  Domino’s….does not.

I ordered entirely online…which is pretty cool.  More on that later. 

Screen grab  -  online ordering
Orders of wings come in 8 pieces for $5.99, 14 pieces for $9.99 or 40 pieces for $24.99.  So, the more you buy, the more you “save”…I suppose.  The list of sauces is a short one:  BBQ, Hot, Sweet Mango Habanero, Mild, and Plain.  An 8 piece order of Hot, please.  Thanks.  You also get to choose an extra dipping sauce. Bleu, ranch, bbq again, sweet habanero again or kicker sauce.  I chose kicker sauce…cuz the way I figure…you can never have enough buffalo dipping options around the house at any given time.  

The wings are served up wrapped in foil and then placed in a small box.  So, yeah.  A steam bath.  They were pretty soggy.  But they were definitely crispy once upon a time.  The wings were consistently medium in size and the meat pulled easy from the bone.  Unfortunately, they seemed really fatty.  The outside skin and a little meat…but in between a layer of fat.  Not very appetizing at all, especially when combined with the soggy outside.  The hot sauce was pretty tasty even if it was barely hot.

Bottom line?  There’s good and bad here.  Sauce good.  Soggy bad.  Fatty bad.  Size ok.  But the best was the online ordering.  I decided to order wings and I didn’t even have to get out of my seat until the doorbell rang.  Talk about convenient.  Super lazy!

WINGS - 4/10
SAUCE – 6/10
VALUE – 5/10
XFACTOR + (super-convenient online ordering, delivery, extra cup of sauce)
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  1. Anonymous9:42 AM

    I totally agree. About 15 years ago, I used to work for Domino's Pizza as a driver and rotational cook. Amazingly, the wings seem exactly the same today as they were back then. Personally, I love the flavor of their wings, but I can't stand the globs of mushy fat on them. If Domino's isn't going to do something about it, then they should lower their prices.

  2. Anonymous2:44 AM

    do they usea liquid smoke on them, they taste like they have mesquite or hickory flavor ? i try 2 cook them @ home,also do they use Franks buffalo hot sauce?, if u could tell how they cook their wings i'd appreciate it my thx again so much if u answer ,Tammy from Southaven, Ms have a nice day also my email is thx again , Tammy

    1. Anonymous12:43 PM

      Another barely functional adult. why are you talking about cooking wings at home on a review for Dominoes pizza wings? You do realize this is not a recipe right? This is not his instructions on how to make wings at home, this is his review of chicken wings he purchased at Dominos pizza. Why don't you try purchasing some then come back and make your comment? Wing Review I'm sorry you get these weird people replying man, you have my sympathies

    2. Thanks. They let anyone on the internet these days! Feel free to comment back with your results/reviews if you'd like.

  3. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Tammy ain't too smart.

  4. A fan of chicken wings here, so I kind of notice easily how they are cooked. Overstaying in the oven after being cooked sometimes affect because the chicken wings have absorbed the oil already making it soggy in less than some time.

  5. Anonymous8:49 PM

    worst wings I've ever eaten. So bad that I googled "dominos wings review" and got I could see if others thought the same or if maybe I got a bad batch tonight. Dominos needs to stick to pizza...the wings taste like ass, soggy, fatty, wayyyyy to much sauce (they were swimming in some shitty sauce)...never again.

  6. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Guess what? Even if you order the wings for pick-up, they're going to, "have to go for a car ride before you get to chow down." Unless you eat them on the way home. The drivers carry your food in a heated bag, unlike you would if you pick-up. Also, tip the drivers. The drivers get payed 4 something per hour, and they only get $1 out of the two dollar delivery charge. Oh, not to mention that they get taxed on their tips. Just an FYI. Sincerely, a Domino's CSR.

  7. Anonymous8:30 PM


  8. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Absolutely most horrible wings I've ever eaten. Really wish I would have googled reviews before hand, would have got pizza instead. Definitely stick to pizza Dominos.

  9. Anonymous11:00 AM

    People do love them. I am a Domino's driver and we sell a bunch. They are the second most common item on the menu. Try asking for them twice baked, they are much better that way.

    And Yeah, TIP THE DRIVER! Regardless of what they bring, $3 is bare minimum. $5 is a good tip, and a $10 tip will have us racing to get there. We are paid $4/hour +$1 expense/delivery. We work for tips just like servers in a restaurant.

  10. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Domino's wings can be hit or miss. You are definitely going to get some fatty, not crisp wings for your money, but sometimes you get some that are not that bad. It seems like they used to be bigger but I haven't ordered them in a very long time so I can't really speak to that one way or the other.

    Out of the major pizza chains, I tended to order more wings from Domino's if that's saying anything

  11. Anonymous6:12 AM

    haters on here I work for dominos and for u all to say how bad the wings are are store sells a lot of them everyday so shut up

  12. Anonymous1:30 AM

    great nice review agree with everything it seems they don't really want to focus much on wings

  13. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Get them without sauce, they are great.

  14. Anonymous7:37 PM

    They are great the next day right out of the fridge!