The Tiger Pub

Tiger Pub
3932 State Route 7
Shadyside, OH 43947
(740) 676-8764

I stopped into the Tiger Pub for lunch one afternoon.  For those would don’t know, the Tiger Pub is a small mom and pop operation that serves up some serious lunch fare with daily specials with a home cooked and diner feel.  The Tiger Pub has been around for a long time.  I’m here to tell you about the wings…and there’s not much to tell. 
To their credit…they’re not famous for selling wings, nor do they claim to be.  So, for someone who doesn’t care that much or doesn’t know any better,  these wings will be fine.  To me…and you…they’re not fine at all.
The menu simply lists an order of Chicken Wings for $4.00. I figured I’d just get some sorta mild/medium heat buffalo sauce on traditional bone-in wings.  That’s what I got.  And the sauce was quite good.  Nothin’ special…but good.  It seemed homemade because you could see where the butter was separating from the sauce.  And the wings were actually quite large...bordering on what I would call “huge.”  Plus, there were seven or eight of them on the plate. 
Sauce, good.  Wing size, good.  Quantity, good.  So what’s the problem, you ask? 
I’m pretty sure these wings were deep fried in large batches and frozen for use later.  The waitress said “if they’re not warm enough, I can microwave them a little bit more.”  WHAT!?  Anyway….they were warm enough…and tasted ok….but the texture was completely lost in the freeze/thaw/ microwave process.  They tasted just like left over wings taste after you bring them home, stick em in the fridge and then try to microwave them the next day for a snack.  They’re always a disappointment.  Fleshy, no crispiness whatsoever. 

Bottom line?  Skip these wings.  I have a feeling that these wings were fantastic once upon a time.  That day when they were fresh right out of the super-hot oil.  But today…they were less than mediocre.  It kinda makes me sad that they’re doing this to perfectly good wings.  You’ll be happier just cooking wings at home in your own fryer. 

All that said…the Double Bacon Cheeseburger on that day was delicious.   So was the Italian Hoagie and side salad that wife had.  So…head to the Tiger Pub for a great lunch and drinks.  Just skip the wings. 

WINGS – 2.5/10
SAUCE – 4/10
VALUE – 3/10
XFACTOR + (cool atmosphere, hometown, mom and pop, delicious diner menu)
(not authentic, microwaved!?, fleshy, not crispy, large wings, bone-in, no breading)
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