Wings the Right Way

I'd like to say a GREAT wing could come down to an individual's preference.  But the truth is that are good ways and bad ways to prepare great hot wings.  And yes, there is even a RIGHT WAY, or at least an AUTHENTIC WAY to prepare great wings.

The AUTHENTIC WAY:  deep fried until crispy, spun or shaken in sauce after frying.  And served with celery and bleu cheese.   Never breaded or preseasoned,

Maybe you like baked wings.  Maybe you like grilled wings.  But it's true, any wing or drum's true destiny is the deep fryer!

I'm afraid some restaurants try to get too fancy.  There's no need to reinvent the wing.  Don't worry, We'll admit on here anytime something is good...even if it is prepared in a funny way.  But I'll still have to give it some low marks for in-authenticity.

So there's a look at the criteria we use for our wing reviews.  If a wing is's going to get low marks.  If the skin is soft and's going to get low marks.  If the wing is's going to get low marks.  If the wing is served "naked" and you are required to dip it in sauce on the's going to get low marks.

And don't even start up with "good boneless wings" talk.  Using the word "wings" to describe glorified nuggets or tenders is a disgrace.  Call 'em what they are...nuggets!  GREAT WINGS are always traditional, bone-in. 

Now ya know.


  1. Anonymous8:56 PM

    I love grilled wings!!!

  2. Anonymous11:07 AM

    eat my wing

  3. I call boneless wings popcorn chicken really. And I've got a quick question. Whenever I make popcorn chicken or shrimp I often sauce it up, but, it never stays crispy! Any hints for keeping your delicious fried goods crispy after the saucing?

  4. try a cornmeal breading ,it tends to stay crispy longer

  5. Don't go for the Jumbo crap, it has no flavor compared to the smaller normal sized wings