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FROM THE NEWS DESK: Indigo Joe's Closes

Another one bites the dust.  The Highlands isn't looking so hot.  First Wings to Indigo Joes. 

Although I had yet to review their wings...I'd been there a few times and had fine meals with good service.  

I guess it all comes back to  "Location. Location. Location."

Sad news. 

A link to a news source that provide ZERO DETAILS.  Actually it doesn't even seem like reporting.  Anyway here's the link.  Indigo Joe's Closes at the Highlands in Ohio County

Has anyone tried their wings?  What did you think of them and Indigo Joe's in general?

This Just In...Wings To Go closes its doors

From the news desk...Wings To Go Highlands location near Wheeling has closed its doors for good.  

A sign on the door and a message to loyal customers on the website:

"Unfortunately we must report this location is now closed.  Thank you to all the faithful Wings To Go Lovers that supported us over the past year and a half!"

Sad news to be sure.

Wings To Go - The Highlands

The first time I tried Wings To Go was shortly after they first opened.  In anticipation, I  had researched their menu online at other Wings To Go locations. I was more than excited to try the new wings in town.  They are a national chain, after all.  They must be doing something right! Right?