Domino's Pizza - Re-Review

Our Dominos Pizza Wing review is by far the most popular page on this site.  It seems many people
are curious enough about Domino's wing offering to google reviews...and a portion of those seekers end up here reading our thoughts on the popular pizza chain's attempt at serving up buffalo wings.

With that in mind, I wanted to revisit my previous review and see if the last couple years of Domino's overall brand revamping did anything to improve the quality of the wings.  

Short answer....."blah"  Read on!


The bottom line is sheer convenience.  Nothing more.  Not much has changed for Domino's wings in the last few years...except for the price.  The same order of eight, small-medium sized wings now costs $6.99. That's one more dollar than a few years ago.  

The price increase is to be expected though, based on the overall chicken wing market.  Remember, wing prices have skyrocketed in the last couple of years. It's actually surprising to see the cost only increase by a single dollar. 

The product, though, is nearly identical.  Same wings.  Same sauce (love the sauce actually). Same lack of crispiness.  Visually, there were little bits of char from the oven baking that offered hope for a slight crisp.  But, no. Nothing.

The wings maaaaaybe seemed a little less fatty/higher quality from my previous experiences with Dominos.  The meat pulled cleanly from the bone.   

Overall, like I said, it's a matter of convenience.  And they do make a fine "add on" item if you're already placing a pizza order. 

Score remains unchanged.

WINGS - 4/10
SAUCE – 6/10
VALUE – 5/10
XFACTOR + (super-convenient online ordering, delivery, extra cup of sauce)

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