WingLinks: More Super Bowl Wing Action

It seems like the world is getting WING CRAZY as the Super Bowl  quickly approaches.  Check out these two links. 
One is a playoff style bracket challenge to determine the Number One Super Bowl Snack.  They're already on Round 3 of 4...and Chicken Wings looks like the front runner.

Looks like Chicken Wings faced it's stiffest competition in the very first round.  I'm sure no one put a lot of thought into how the bracket should be seeded...after all, it's just a silly poll with fancy graphics....but I wonder how Pizza and Wings ended up on the same side of the bracket, let alone going head-to head in the first round.  Oh well...go vote for your favorite Super Bowl snack.  Among the remaining competitors are "7-layer bean dip," "Chicken Wings," "Sliders," (miniburgers) and "Nachos."

Head on over and cast your the goal posts.

The second interesting Wing-link is a flowchart intended to help you figure out what kinda of wings you're in the mood for.  Follow your taste buds and culinary skills to the perfect wing recipe for you.  (Note: the recipes all have baking or roasting the wings in an oven as part of the process. yourself a favor and get a deep fryer!)

Click the chart to follow the link.

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