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Buffalo Wild Wings – Grill & Bar

50633 Valley Frontage Rd
St. Clairsville, OH 43950 
(740) 695-2800
Is Buffalo Wild Wings the largest national wing franchise?  I’m not sure.  A quick google search yielded a lot of info on franchises…but nothing that answered my question.  It doesn’t matter anyway.  The point is that Buffalo Wild Wings seems to be the largest national wing franchise.  They are constantly expanding, building new restaurants, and their publicly traded stock has gone through the roof in the last year.  If you spend even just a little bit of time online reading about hot, chicken, or buffalo wings…you eventually arrive at someone raving and recommending Buffalo Wild Wings.  You’ll also see stories about people who don’t live near one wishing that they did.  And you’ll hear tales of people road-tripping far from home just to try Buffalo Wild Wings.  Well, I've finally got around to reviewing the big wing chain that's practically in my backyard. 

BW3s....The NFL ...And FREE WINGS?!

BW3s obviously has a huge interest in the NFL lockout.  They need to make money.  And for a franchise that bases itself on the slogan, "Wings. Beer. Sports."  their profits are directly linked to NFL actually playing games on TV.  No agreement, no games.  No Games, no TV broadcasts.  No broadcasts, fewer customers. 

Apparently they have already taken the extraordinary step of  writing an open letter to the NFL begging the league to come to an agreement with its players.  But now a promise to give six free chicken wings to anyone who signs its open letter.  It's essentially an online petition to add some weight to their cause.

**note: this is not a real coupon.  don't be an idiot!
If the lockout ends by July 20, six free chicken wings will be given to anyone who signs the “Save Our Season” petition at the Buffalo Wild Wings Facebook page.  Head over there and sign your name.  It can't hurt.  And maybe we'll all get some free wings. And an NFL season!

UPDATE: Obviously this didn't happen.  If you came here looking for info or a coupon...keep on looking.  The owners and players did reach an agreement, but it was not before July 20th.  So...good news is...we have an uninterrupted 2011 NFL season.  Bad free wings.