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Do I really need to describe Denny's in this blog? In a few case you live under a rock...Denny's is a nationally franchised diner. (in a good way) It's a greasy spoon. (but in a good way) It's a heart attack just waiting to happen.  (again, in a good way)   It's also delicious.  It's affordable.  It's open 24 hours.  What more could you want?   Oh yeah...and they have wings on the menu.  

I can say with certainty that I've never had wings at Denny's before.  I got them solely for the sake of writing a review.  I can also say with certainty that I will be ordering them again...from time to time.

A perfect example of classic Buffalo Wings!
Everything about the wings at Denny's is perfectly aligned with what wings should be.  They seem to be authentically prepared ie..deep fried, bone-in, with no breading or batter, then tossed in a peppery orange buffalo sauce right out of the fryer.  

The wings here were large across the board.  Not one tiny drum or flapper hiding in the pile.

The buffalo sauce was about as mild as it comes.  That's ok 'cuz the menu makes no claims as to the level of heat.  They say "buffalo sauce" and that's exactly what they deliver.  And that makes them perfect to share as an appetizer.  Alas...not everyone like's "hot" but everyone(?) likes "buffalo."

They were fried crispy, coated well and simply good wings.  Denny's could really show some other places a thing or two.  And they prove the old KISS adage..."KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID." 
Nothing fancy...just a classic buffalo wing...and a thumbs up from this wing-eater.

Menu pic...pretty close to the final product!
On the downside: They do cost just a little too much.  And wouldn't we all like to see a few more options for sauce flavors?  Two just won't do.

Also...bonus points for serving a product that looks almost exactly like the picture in the menu. 

Bottom Line:  Don't go to Denny's just to get wings.  But next time you're there...go ahead and try 'em out.  You'll like 'em.  Of course, if it's 4 am and you NEED wings...Denny's is going to be an excellent choice!

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  1. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Denny's wings are horrible. I've had them more than once because the buffalo sauce is good, but the wings were rubbery every time

  2. Mrs.T.Sampson3:37 AM

    I love Denny's wings... there are just right not too spicy, just enough tang to keep you coming back for more! Also, their picture on the menu looks very similar to the finished product. You hardly ever see that:)

  3. Anonymous2:20 PM

    The Denny's wing sauce is my favorite!! It's perfect. I wish I could figure out where to buy it. I always get the buffalo chicken strips w/extra sauce, and Denny's is the only place I opt for strips over wings. Their ranch dressing is also magical.